Minigolf: 130 kr
ID20 after 19:00

Welcome to 16 indoor minigolf lanes and bar in Stavanger. You'll find us on the 3rd floor of Tårngalleriet, right below Valbergtårnet. Mini golf is drop in, everyone gets to play. Booking is also possible. Fore!

Mon–Wed: 13:00–23.00
Thu: 13:00–00:00
Fri: 13:00–01:00

Sat: 12:00–01:00
Sun: 12:00-21:00

130 kr
120 kr
Kids (<12)
105 kr


Welcome to the first private karaoke rooms in Stavanger. Each room fits up to 20 persons. Put away the golf club and swing to the rythm. Either you're a business, group of friends or all by yourself – the microphone is yours. 

Booking: 850 kr room/hr
130 kr pers/hr


How about a round of minigolf after a long day of workshops? We have all the facilities you need for an inspiring day out of the office: Projector, great sound, seats, catering – and minigolf of course. Please send us an email with an enquiry and we'll make sure you'll have a great da. 

For club/event matters. 

Our Rooftop: GESIMSEN

Welcome to bar, DJ and a great view of Vågen. Located on the very top of Tårngalleriet, just below Valbergtårnet. Find us by following the stairs just right of the main entrance.

Welcome, bring sunscreen!

NB! Can be booked for private parties, events, weddings, aso. Please send us an email.

*Open when the sun is out, closed during the winter season. 

There's always something happing at a Camping.
Check the pinboard for the latest updates.


Naked golf

Does one play minigolf better naked? There´s only one way to find out ...


Work here?

We're always looking for inspired staff.
Please send us an e-mail.



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No camping!

We're not a camp site.
Minigolf and bar only. :)

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Food: We have toast and classic camping snacks. You can also order pizza, burgers or salads from Phileas Fogg – using the QR-codes at our tables.

Drinks: We are a fully licensed bar and have everything a bar should have! Beer, wine, spirits and fun slushies.

Naked golf

Do you always have to play naked when you come to Camping?

Unfortunately/fortunately (cross out what doesn't apply), Naked Golf only happens once a year. The remaining 364 days we play with our clothes on. 

Does the idea of Naked Golf seem scary? Together with the Naturist Association we ensure a safe space with a focus on feeling comfortable in your own body. This is not a sexual activity in any way or form. We´ve even designed some handy tube socks with the Naturist Association, as that’s the only thing your allowed to wear ;) 

The question remains, does one play mini-golf better naked? There´s only one way to find out…