Minigolf: 120 kr
ID20 after 19:00

Welcome to our 12-hole indoor mini golf and bar in Drammen. You'll find us at Nedre Torggate 7, one big put from Bragernes Torg. Mini golf is drop in, groups can book a table.



120 kr
100 kr

Food & Drinks

Food: At the moment we only serve snacks, but for large groups we can organize pizza. Just let us know in advance.

Drinks: We are a fully licensed bar and have everything a bar should have! Beer, wine, spirits and fun slushies.

There's always something happing at a Camping.
Check the pinboard for the latest updates.


Work here?

We're always looking for inspired staff.
Please send us an e-mail.


Naked golf

Does one play minigolf better naked? There´s only one way to find out ... 


No camping!

We're not a camp site.
Minigolf and bar only. :)



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Naked golf

Do you always have to play naked when you come to Camping?

Unfortunately/fortunately (cross out what doesn't apply), Naked Golf only happens once a year. The remaining 364 days we play with our clothes on. 

Does the idea of Naked Golf seem scary? Together with the Naturist Association we ensure a safe space with a focus on feeling comfortable in your own body. This is not a sexual activity in any way or form. We´ve even designed some handy tube socks with the Naturist Association, as that’s the only thing your allowed to wear ;) 

The question remains, does one play mini-golf better naked? There´s only one way to find out… 

Rental and events

How about a round of minigolf after a long day of workshops? We have all the facilities you need for an inspiring day out of the office: Projector, great sound, seats, catering – and minigolf of course. Please send us an email with an enquiry and we'll make sure you'll have a great day.